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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Book Review: The Devil's Punchbowl by Greg Iles

As with all most of his novels I give it TWO thumbs up - highly recommend you read it!
I started this book a few weeks ago but didn't actually 'read' it until the last couple of nights. In fact I read two other books after having started this one. I LOVE Greg Iles books which have always sucked me in within in the first couple of pages. The problem I had was that this book didn't do that, in fact it took about 50 pages for me to get hooked - but once I was I couldn't stop reading. I finished it around 3 this morning.

The first book of his that I read was Blood Memory (which isn't for young readers) and it's probably still my favorite. It was on an end cap at Barnes & Noble one day when I was wondering around looking for something to read and the cover caught my eye. I'd never heard of him but figured what the heck and bought it. Once I finished it I purchased everyone of his books that I could find. I read Mortal Fear, The Quiet Game, 24 Hours, Dead Sleep, Sleep No More, The Footprints of God, Turning Angel, True Evil & Third Degree immediately after reading Blood Memory. After reading that many books by one author back to back, it was hard to pick up another author for about a month.

Once I got past the first 50 pages The Devil's Punchbowl - I loved, loved, loved the book and read it in two nights. I truly enjoy reading about the life of Penn Cage in Natchez, Mississippi. If you haven't heard of or read any of Greg Iles books I highly recommend them. All are available at Barnes & Noble!

I'd enjoy visiting Natchez in real life one day to see what of 'Penn Cage's city' is actually a reality. Some of the aspects of the city that Iles describes are so detailed and he repeats these aspects in multiple novels so I assume that they're actual buildings and places in & around the city. I hope that it's not the same as when you see a movie of a book that you love and then can't believe how it just doesn't fit your mental picture of what you read. Which speaking of movies I'm surprised that none of his have been brought to motion picture. Of course if a motion picture follows his book they'll definitely be rated R, as I stated above his novels aren't for young readers. Certain aspects of the crimes committed are described in detail, lots of detail.

I wasn't disappointed or upset with the end of the book but at the same point in time I wasn't happy with it. Any book that he releases I'll read, he doesn't need to 'tease' me at the end of a book to get me to read the next which is exactly what happened at the end of this one. I guess I should walk away happy that Penn Cage will be returning for at least one more novel! But I don't like the thought of waiting a year to find out what happens.........