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My favorite hobby is scrapbooking! Of course scrapping got me into photography, digital photography to be exact. I quickly discovered that I LOVE taking pictures! I just got the Nikon D300....words don't measure up to this camera - well worth the $$. I crochet while I watch tv and mess around on the computer whenever I get a few moments.
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Congrats to Cousins

Very special congratulations to Jeff and Mary on the arrival of their son
Benjamin Martin Patchett
I stole the pic below from their blog.....he sure looks a lot like his father but we won't hold that against him, he's still a cutie! He entered the world on Easter morning.

Another cousin has started a blog (YAHHHHH) and got her first post up today.
Check out Heather's blog and show some love. She's starting a photography business in Virginia, I'm thinking PF Photography needs to branch out to other states....then when she moves back to SoIL she won't have to change her business name and we can kick some major photo butt together. We already have the same camera and can share equipment/lenses, I think the flamingo founder would get a real kick out of that.

I posted a few pictures from Lindsey's bridal shower today on my decorating blog. It was upstairs in the Sesser Opera House and catered by Dyel's catering (delicious of course). My only job was to decorate the tables.

I gave her a thin canvas print from their engagement photo session last weekend. Love the thin canvas prints. They're only about 1/4 inch wide and have foam blocks on the back for mounting them to a wall which makes it stand out about an inch from the wall.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way they look hung.

I just watched Desperate Housewife's and got a little teary eyed at the end. I somewhat knew what was going to happen but it still got me a little choked up. Now I'm watching In Plain Sight, super excited it's finally back on. Caught up with an old friend from the McDonald's day a few minutes ago on FaceBook - be sure to look me up if you have an account.

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Shurtz Girl said...

Hey PF photography east sounds if I could get some paying clients :)