I'm an accountant by day and crafter at night. I love a decorating challenge, floral arrangements are probably my favorite part when decorating a wedding/party. I'm an independent Longaberger consultant and avid collector (check out my Longaberger website).

My favorite hobby is scrapbooking! Of course scrapping got me into photography, digital photography to be exact. I quickly discovered that I LOVE taking pictures! I just got the Nikon D300....words don't measure up to this camera - well worth the $$. I crochet while I watch tv and mess around on the computer whenever I get a few moments.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009


I'm finally on facebook! I always thought it was like myspace (which I don't like much and rarely log into) and therefore never joined. Boy was I wrong! In 24 hours I was able to talk to a ton of people I haven't seen in years. If you haven't signed up yet, just do it - trust me.

I went in for a trim yesterday and ended up having Tiffany cut several inches off my hair. I love it!! I may even take a picture of myself, or maybe not - but I do love the cut.

In other news....
1. Working on several wedding quotes, not at this exact moment since I'm at my ft job as I type. The only problem with working on quotes is that I don't want to wait months and months to decorate. I start researching and finding ideas/pictures and I want to make it happen - right now.
2. Have a meeting with a new bride tomorrow (black/white wedding with yellow accent - great color choices)!
3. Traveling with my Aunt to my cousin's house this weekend to do pregnancy/family pictures. Be sure to check out the photography blog early next week.
4. So ready for it to warm up just a tad bit so I can start doing outside pictures again - several seniors waiting for warm weather.
5. Dad's doing better but still has weeks upon weeks of recovery/therapy ahead.
6. Track starts Monday (Johnathon) - I'm soooo thrilled, I mean we had like one whole week of no sports!
7. Still working on the 1000+ basketball pictures, I'm about 1/2 the way done.

.....and that's about all I have to report at the moment.

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Yaya said...

Hi Amy
Just wanted to check on you and see how you were doing. How is your dad doing? Let me know if I can help with anything. Take care~