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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So Proud....

Last evening I had the pleasure of attending the 2009 Miss Herrinfesta Pageant at the Herrin Civic Center to observe 17 year old Miss Arielle Wheatley from the Village of Valier who was proudly sponsored by Com-Pac International (that's what she's saying in the pic above this).
While she didn't place, this was her first pageant ever and we're all extremely PROUD of her for getting up there. If you know her personality you'd understand how much courage it took for her to do this and she did GREAT!
I'll admit I couldn't do it when I was her age
1) the thought of changing in one open room with all the other girls - no privacy - don't think so
2) walking on stage with everyone staring at just me - nope
3) and then having to walk on stage in a bathing suit - definitely wasn't going to happen!

There are a few more local pagenats that give away scholarship money and we're hoping that with one under her belt she'll be willing to try another one.
Doesn't she look great!

I know she owes an extra special thanks to Lindy Jo, Aunt Eileen, Michelle and Samantha.

Most of her clothing was from Lindy's pageant days in college (Miss Bolivar and I believe she was 1st runner-up in Miss Missouri) and Aunt Eileen was able to alter everything in two seconds flat to fit Arielle like a glove. Michelle and Samantha (2004 Miss Herrinfesta) coached her the week prior on pageant protocol and did her hair and makeup.

I know I've not posted the prom pictures of Arielle.

I'm hoping we'll get to do a fun, relaxed shoot with her friends on Saturday. The temp is suppose to be warm with overcast skies - a photographers dream! Almost every picture I have of her from last weekend has her date in it and after the way he acted at Prom, I just don't want to post many pics of him. So as soon as we get to do a few "fun" prom dress pictures I'll get them up for everyone to see - promise!

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Sissy said...

We wish Lindy was first runner up at Miss Mo. but no she didnt place at State She was Miss Bolivar tho and that was very exciting. I too was verrrry proud of Arielle. She just has reach deep and find that pretty smile I know she has everything else is just gravy!!!!