I'm an accountant by day and crafter at night. I love a decorating challenge, floral arrangements are probably my favorite part when decorating a wedding/party. I'm an independent Longaberger consultant and avid collector (check out my Longaberger website).

My favorite hobby is scrapbooking! Of course scrapping got me into photography, digital photography to be exact. I quickly discovered that I LOVE taking pictures! I just got the Nikon D300....words don't measure up to this camera - well worth the $$. I crochet while I watch tv and mess around on the computer whenever I get a few moments.
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's raining again

It's raining here in SoIL at the moment and should rain the entire night, ending sometime late tomorrow morning. I love going to sleep listening to rainfall and the best part is that I don't have to get up before the crack of dawn tomorrow! I'm off work for an entire WEEK.

While I don't have to report to CPI world headquarters I do have a lot to accomplish this week. I thought if I post my "to do" list, then maybe I'll accomplish a little more of it.
  1. Laundry - caught up and put away
  2. "Spring" clean bedroom - AGAIN, yes I realize spring has already sprung
  3. Detail car - it really needs waxed before the winter months - then again maybe I should look at trading it for a ??????
  4. Finish edits on all photo shoots - honestly this will consume most of my time this week
  5. Get wireless router working - AGAIN
  6. Clean/organize craft room - take picture if this actually gets done
  7. Create this year's Christmas card
  8. Make 150 Christmas cards from above said design - lets be realistic this won't happen in one week
  9. Create/order PF Photography business cards
  10. Create "save the date" cards for the bride-to-be to proof
  11. Create multiple wedding invitations for the bride-to-be to proof
  12. Work on quote for wedding - deliver to the bride-to-be
  13. Get photography website? still looking at cost, not positive on this one yet
  14. Work on CPI financial "stuff" before returning to work next Monday
  15. Attend 20th reunion planning meeting
  16. Shop on Black Friday - duh
  17. Two more photo shoots, Saturday and Sunday
  18. Crochet another baby afghan (2 actually) and a scarf
  19. Eat lots of turkey on Thursday with the family

I think that will keep me pretty busy. I'll get a few pictures from this weekends photo shoots posted hopefully tomorrow. If I'm MIA for a few days, you now understand why. Have a great Thanksgiving week!

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Mandy Rose said...

Hey girl!! If you need a few quotes on trying to get your Photography website up and running, I can give you the guy J uses. He is very reasonably priced. Have a good week off!