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My favorite hobby is scrapbooking! Of course scrapping got me into photography, digital photography to be exact. I quickly discovered that I LOVE taking pictures! I just got the Nikon D300....words don't measure up to this camera - well worth the $$. I crochet while I watch tv and mess around on the computer whenever I get a few moments.
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Sunday, November 9, 2008

What I'm doing today

Later this afternoon I'm shooting pics in C'ville of a high school senior which I'm really looking forward to. The senior and her mother are a lot of fun to be around so it should be an energetic, creative the HS senior is absolutely beautiful which makes "my" pictures look even better!!

But until them I'm working on the edits from Lindsey & Ben's engagement session (which are almost complete), the last flag football game (which I haven't even looked at), Arielle's Homecoming session, Georgia's wedding, and Taylor's senior session. Once I get through many 100's of pictures I should be caught up (hehe, like that' really going to happen - me caught up - right!).

I make my Christmas cards every year and have started thinking about what I'd like to do this year, I must admit I'm kind of having a creative low.....nothing is "speaking" to me this year as far as the card design goes. The last two years I've included a family picture on the handmade, stamped card. We're going to attempt to get pics of the grandchildren on Veterans day. I'm not sure I want a picture on the card this year, but maybe the grandkids pics will get my creative juices flowing and I'll become inspired about a Christmas design.

I typically make between 120 and 150 cards which take me several weeks to get done (they're very detailed).....with no inspiration, I haven't even ordered supplies yet! If you're reading this and related to me, or on my card list - you'll get a card this year (promise), I'm just not sure when!!


Anonymous said...

Hey AG! Well anything you do will be more than great... and of course you could always Go Digital this year to save on time!! Can't wait to see what you come up with. I just called you too btw ;-)

Mary Patchett said...

I always look forward to getting your card in the mail. I take it and show my stamping friends every year. I am sure it will be another great one.