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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just checking in

I haven't posted in a week - sorry haven't been very cheery, thought I'd better check in to let everyone know I'm still here though!
It's been another sad week for my family. We've attended WAY too many funerals this year, this week we lost a very special member at much too young of an age. My cousin devoted her life to nursing and her children. She lost her battle to cancer this week and was laid to rest Friday. On that note - I'm ready for 2009 - there have just been too many funerals this year and not just within my family (which have had more than our share) but from friend's families also. One of the elders in my family that died earlier this year was my Great Aunt is the card I made for her 100th birthday a couple of years ago.
On a good note....I've been taking tones of pictures and devoting as much time as possible on the editing phase of those. I had a HS senior session yesterday and have a family/Christmas session this afternoon. Still loving the photography thing BTW! I'm thinking of taking real photography classes at SIU in the near future. The thought of going back to school is actually exciting when I think of photography and not accounting. I've thought about getting my MBNA but to think of more business/accounting classes for hours on end sitting in class talking about business theories just doesn't get me motivated to complete that master's program.
I think I have an idea of what my homemade/stamped Christmas card will be this year - HOORAY! My supplies will be delivered either Monday or Tuesday....just have to wait to see which mental picture I like best once I actually make it into a card. I usually make 4-5 different designs before I settle on "the" card of the year. Here are a few of the past cards I've sent out, of course they look much better in real life - scans really don't do them any justice plus I had to scan them with a black piece of card stock behind them to get the edges to show up, sorry some aren't exactly straight either!!
2002 - 1st Christmas card sent...yep it's pretty basic

2004...getting a little more technical/artistic savy

2005....I loved this one (probally my fav so far)

2006 - the picture looks much better IRL

2007 - once again picture looks better IRL2008.......just have to wait and see. I can't post that picture until everyone gets their cards in the mail anyway, I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

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