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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pampered Chef

I'm hosting a Pampered Chef party on Sunday, February 22nd and you're invited!! If you're not able to make it to my house but are needing to pick up a few items you can view their catalog on the Pampered Chef Website and give me a call/email and I'll get your order placed for you.

Of course I'd love to have you over for the party, let me know if you can make it or need directions to my house. We'll have good food, a little local wine and learn a few new recipes.....and for those Nascar fans, yes the race will be on and viewable during our party.

Below are a few of my favorite items......

The first is in use ALL of the time at our house. We make our own Italian dressing and this is never, ever empty. Balsamic vinegar & olive oil and the plunger mixes them before you pour it on your salad. I'm thinking of getting another one of these because I've need to use it in the past but it always has vinegar/oil in it. The mini server is the perfect size to serve cake. As large as our family is I need 4-5 more of these for family gatherings.

Icing is soooo much easier with these than with an icing bag for small jobs. I have pictures of the last time I used an icing bag - it isn't pretty, just take my word for it. If you make homemade pizza you need this roller.

If you want a whisk that you don't have to reshape every other use, this is the one for you (I have the mini one too for my scrambled eggs!). This is the best batter bowl around, I like having the ability to see what I'm doing - it's a measuring cup - you can put it in the Microwave or put the lid on it and place it in the fridge to use later!!

I use the skinny scrapper for everything I do in the kitchen. We have 3 of these and I'll be getting a few more at my party because they're always in the dishwasher when I go to use one. If you eat garlic you have to have this press, there's nothing like FRESH pressed garlic.

The small & large micro steamers are wonderful for cooking vegetables in the microwave without the use of butter - less fat - and it only takes a few minutes in the microwave to steam cook!! The salad spinner is great for cleaning your fresh vegetables, then just spin dry. No more patting dry with paper towels or laying out on the counter and waiting for it to dry.

I don't like things over-cooked and hate when the edge of my pie crust is darker than the rest of the pie, of course you need a server to dish out those slices of pie.

I cook most cakes in the bar pan. Whoever came up with a stackable cooling rack should get a big gold metal. I always run out of room when I back at Christmas....these stackable cooling racks rock!

The Loaf Pan Stone is the absolute best for making "beer" bread mixes - really isn't another loaf pan that compares to it and we use the pizza stone for everything that isn't liquid.

Of course I think most have invested in the Pampered Chef ice cream scoop by now, if not you should.....I'm not a consultant for Pampered Chef, I just use their products - daily!

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