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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Go #61

This will be a rather long post as I've included a lot of pics from John's first football game on Saturday against the Carterville Lions @ home (go SVHS!). His cheering section which he's waving to in the pic below included his mother, Bryon, Arielle, Taylor, Aunt Mary Lou, Uncle Dean, Aunt Lisa, Amy, Johnathon, David, Tracy, Brittany, Kendra, & Isabel.
Huddle at beginning of game (John is on the right outside, 2 over from #73)
Looking to see who's at the game with a mouth full of water
Sesser was a little outsized against Carterville. John would be the one getting tackled.
Look at that fancy footwork!
Offensive line ready to go...
Bear Hug! Way to bring him down!
That would be Johns arm in the air as he's getting knocked out of the way.
Good try in getting to the football.
Imitating his father....hand on hip look-a-like.
Huddle up with coach.
Defensive linemen.....
Offensive runner in site...tackle him!
Assisting in the tackle....
This boy definitely had weight/size on his more to say.
Yes that would be John that gets knocked on his butt.
Hike! Go defensive line...
This had to hurt, this boy just literally ran him over (John would be the only maroon person you see in this pic)
Sometimes it pays to not be the tallest one on the field, he was able to "duck" through the cluster of players.
Kick-off team

Unfortunately the game didn't end the way we'd hoped for the debut, but John made some good tackles. The Carterville boys were a lot bigger than our guys who by the way had to play the entire game due to our lack of size of the team.
Next game will be better, we're thinking positively!!


tgillock said...

Dang, every team that I would of wanted to win this weekend did not, what the poo! Well he looks good playing though!!!

Frankie said...

The great,super,talented photographer did it again! What wonderful pictures. I am truly lucky.

Mom said...

This is my first message on a blog. Of course my assistant manager had to pull it up.