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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year's Resolution

Okay, while waiting for the technician to show up and install the internet I decided to do a little spring cleaning. Actually it's the spring cleaning from last year that I never got around too. For way too many months now I've been unable to "put away" all of my clothes which is a sign of 1 of 2 things 1) I have too many clothes or 2) I need more space (which is so true I really need to find a house to buy or build).

Since #2 isn't going to happen in the immediate future and I absolutely can't stand the fact that my room isn't clean I decided to weed out some of my clothing. I'm now taking 5 LARGE bags (garbage bags) of clothes to Goodwill in the morning. Sadly there's probably an entire bag that still have the store tags on them. I went through all of my dresser drawers and every single piece of clothing in my closet. I was agitated at my shoes a few weeks ago and got rid of about 20 pairs then when I couldn't get them all in my closet. While my closet now isn't picture perfect like the nicely organized closets with like 10 total pieces of clothing that they show on TV, it looks so much better.

So onto my New Year's Resolution.....I decided while cleaning out my clothing that I need to stop buying things - seriously I blow a lot of moola. With the economy as it is and since I have absolutely, positively no more room, my resolution is to not buy things that I don't really need. Easier said than done of course because I can always justify to myself why I "NEED" something. I think this resolution will be much harder than dieting, I love to shop of course I love to eat too. And to make one resolution counter act the other, I got rid of all the clothes that I've outgrown...errrr I mean that shrunk in the dryer. I want to lose some serious pounds before I go to Florida this summer and I just got rid of my smaller sized clothes. So if I'm successful at losing a few pounds, I'll have to go buy new clothes!! hehe

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Mandy Rose said...

Your back!! YAY!!! I was wondering what the heck happen to you!