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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Red dot bathroom

From Red Bathroom

This Christmas I found a new shower curtain that I thought was really cute. My nephew was less than impressed with the red dots. I redecorate my bathroom all of the time because it the cheapest room to do when I'm in the mood for a change. It's a really small room with tile floor and I painted the walls a pail yellow (which goes with just about anything). I think I have about 6 complete decorating sets to change it up when the mood hits.

I redecorated into the red while he was at school and when he came home and first walked by it he just stood there. He asked me where the shower curtain came from and I told him, he continued to stand there and turned around and said hmmmmm. That was it. I don't think he likes the red or the dots. Prior to this it was blue & brown.....his favorite colors.

This towel set was on sale at Sears on black Friday which made my new shower curtain & decor a little more festive! It's a little more outdoorsey than I am, but I liked the look all the same. I'm going to take the green Christmas towels out soon but plan to stick with the red/brown combo for a little while. In part I must admit to aggravate my nephew!
From Red Bathroom


tgillock said...

Well I think it's cute! I really like the red. Now if you could just come and do something with my UGLY early 80's pink cultured marble bathroom UGH IT'S SO UGLY!


I am soooo glad you are back in business. I love the red!