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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Selling some things....

As I told you in an earlier post I upgraded my Cricut and am selling my smaller one. It's the Personal Cricut Cutter and is in excellent condition. I have the paperwork that goes with it but not the box. I do have two cutting mats that are both very slightly used.

I also upgraded my Xyron to a larger size when my old one broke. I like to be prepared and have 4 refill cartridges for the 510 Xyron (which doesn't work) and of course they don't work on the new/larger size Xyron I just got.

(2) 18' Permanent Refills (1) 7' Magnet (1) 18' Laminate

If anyone is interested let me know. Otherwise I'll sell them on Ebay. I'm also going to sell several Stampin' Up stamp sets that I've collected over the years. I have more than any one person needs and I'm downsizing (actually I've outgrown my space and the clutter is really bothering me). Many of the sets I'm going to sell haven't even been mounted yet........yes it's that bad. I semi cleaned my craft room/basement today while waiting for the glass technician. Who by the way showed up and looked at my window and said "yep I know what the problem is". He went on to tell/show me that the "clips" that are suppose to be on the bottom of my window are missing. So he's bringing a new piece of glass tomorrow (with the clips on it).

Also, the Wii fit that I ordered online showed up today.
Now I just have to use it!! Pretty sure it doesn't do any good just sitting in the living room.

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tgillock said...

How much do you want for it? I have been wanting one of these. I'm not saying I can buy it, but am interested.