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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Working windows

You don't realize how much you use your driver's side window or how much you depend on that little button to make it go up and down until it no longer works. This past summer a rock decided to enter my car via my driver's side window which of course was up at the time. My insurance company (State Farm) was great and had a glass technician out within two days to fix my window. Several weeks after that my window wouldn't work, but later that day it worked and I didn't think anything of it. Weeks later it did the same thing. This went on for several months until right before Christmas it stopped working all together.

Hoping it would just "fix" itself again I let it go for a while until I finally hit a point this week in which I just couldn't stand not having a working window. My brother came out to fix it. He and my father removed the outer door shell and then pressed the window button to see what the problem was....well low and behold my window worked. They played around for a minute trying to get it to not work, put the door back together, made the window go up and down a few more times, and came to the conclusion that I didn't know how to press the button to make my window work.

I got in the car the next morning to go to work and decided to roll my window down for a sec just because I could and my window doesn't work! I tried it several times on the way to work with no luck. I decided to call my insurance company when I got to work to see if the tech could come back to look at the window. Of course the glass company doesn't think they've done anything that will make it not work but are very nice about coming out today to look at it anyway. They think the motor/regulator is bad and suggest I buy one to have today just in case. So I call Saturn and speak with the tech there (who I'm pretty sure thinks I'm quite the idiot - I've called him more than once now with really odd questions). He tells me that if my window worked when my brother had the shell off then there's nothing wrong with the motor, he thinks the window isn't adjusted problem, not mechanical.

So when I left for lunch with two coworkers I decided to push that "down" button to prove that my window doesn't work and guess what happened.....the window went down! Problem was it went down REALLY crocked. It was so off that when I made it go back up it there was about an inch gap that the glass didn't cover. I had to get out and guide/move it into place. I decided not to hit that button anymore until the tech looks at it. I'm staying at home today until he gets here, knowing my luck thus far with this window if I left he and my father would push the button and the window would go up/down just like it rolled out from the factory.

Hopefully the tech will show up soon and I'll have a working window again!

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